Residentia  invests directly into high yielding UK real estate assets, on both a portfolio and special situation investment basis.

The company invests in residential real estate in the “affordable” sector and deliberately does not operate in the “prime” marketplace.


Residentia's Investors are attracted to the UK real estate market that can provide attractive yields on their invested capital.

The UK is a world-class investment jurisdiction and both the company and it`s investors enjoy the safeguards provided by the transparency and excellent legal framework that exists in the UK.


Residentia accepts only real estate assets that have already been carefully vetted by leading industry professionals.

The company does not invest in assets that have not demonstrated clear economic merits.

Only a small fraction of the opportunities examined by the Investment Manager, Deer Park Capital AG, meet these criteria.


The company was launched on 27th May 2016 as a limited liability investment company registered in Guernsey.